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Die Musik ist aus...

...und ist immer noch da

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Birthdate:Feb 2
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
...Bio? Sorry, more of a Chem guy.

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#deaddog!, .hack//sign, ambiant, animal crossing, anime, arcades, bad religion, barenaked ladies, basshunter, bbvd, beach vollyball, beat games, beatmania, big bad voodo daddy, big bad voodoo daddy, blank and jones, blind melon, blues traveler, boston crusaders, burnout revenge, carolina hurricanes, chemistry, cherry poppin' daddy, chrome hounds, chrono cross, chrono trigger, collars, contrabass, cowboy bebop, d&d, daft punk, dallas stars, dance dance revolution, dancing, dave mathews band, dave matthews band, dci, dead rising, die toten hosen, diesel boy, dj shadow, dmb, dreamcast, drum corps, elder scrolls, emt, fastball, fatboy slim, final fantasy, fire fighting, flogging molly, florida panthers, fluid movement, fma, fondue, for the horde!, foxes, freakazoid, freezepop, freiburg wölfe, full metal alchemist, furries, furry, gamecube, german, germany, glow sticks, groove coverage, guilty gear, gunslinger girl, halo, halo 2, handball, ice hockey, itg2, jazz, k2r, key of g, kitsune, knotwork, lain, legend of zelda, liturature, marching band, mario kart ds, master system, me first and the gimmie gimmies, mel brooks, middle ages, mighty mighty bosstones, mmorpgs, mst3k, music, music=life, naruto, new found glory, nintendo ds, no doubt, ocr, ongaku, outlaw star, ozy and millie, para para, paul van dyk, phoenix coyotes, ps2, psychic vampire, punk, pvp, raves, reel big fish, rez, rob dougan, rpgs, running, saxophone, seeed, sega, sega genesis, semisonic, short stories, silent hill, ska, smash mouth, social distortion, some tcgs, sonic the hedgehog, soul calibur, soul edge, sound nin, spikes, spn-x, squaresoft, squirrel nut zippers, star fox command, state alchemist, stoneman douglas high, swing, table top gaming, tattoos, techno, tekken, the crystal method, the faint, the horde, the offspring, the prodigy, the tick, they might be giants, thtv, trance, tribal designs, trigun, uncg, vampirism, vash the stampede, vgcats, video games, watching people, wine, world of warcraft, wow tcg, x-box, x-box live, xbox 360, ,

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